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How Eating Healthy Affects Your Body3.3.17


Between long work hours, family or social obligations, as well as the host of other responsibilities that go hand-in-hand with being an adult, it’s as tough as it’s ever been to eat healthy.

In the few and far between reprieves people are granted in their day-to-day lives we all tend to reach for fatty foods or sugary drinks as a reward for a job well done, but said rewards add up. Increased stress levels, lethargy, and trouble sleeping are just a few of the problems that rear their heads when your body isn’t getting its nutrition needs met. Then comes weight gain, further jeopardizing of your mental health, and a dependency on sugar. Balance is key, no doubt, and you should reward yourself, but when rewards become the norm everything else in your life starts to suffer as a result.

Instead of focusing on what poor eating habits do to your health, we thought we’d take a look at the effect of eating cleaner over time and cutting back on all the things holding you back from becoming the best you you can be — we’ll cover week and month one this week, and follow up next week with what happens at the six month & year marks, as well as what offerings we have that might help you in all of this. This daily battle is by no means easy, but know that it’s something you’re not alone in — everyone struggles (ourselves included), but the true success comes in bouncing back and fighting for your equilibrium. Ultimately, we put this together because we love you, and we want you to be happy.

So dig in.


Week One

– A noticeable spike in energy levels. Daily tasks and even unique ones become easier to tackle with this surplus of energy. Sleep will start to come easier, and you’ll tend to wake up less throughout the night.

– Weight loss! If you’re sticking to your diet most people can drop anywhere from two to five pounds, but it’s important to remember that exercise will help aid in this (and couldn’t be encouraged more strongly). With less sodium intake, you’ll shed water weight and begin to take notice in the mirror as you start to look a bit slimmer and less bloated.

– Your mood will start to stabilize. You’ll notice less ups and downs, and depressive thoughts are likely to be fewer and far between.


Month One

– That glow! Your skin will start to clear up quite a bit, and the compliments will start to roll in (if they haven’t already). Couple that with the fact that you should be hitting a steady stride of weight loss on a weekly basis and your confidence will begin to bloom as well.

– You’ve officially formed a habit — one of the best ones to have. You’ll notice it’s easier to decline unhealthy foods that may be offered to you, as the difference in how you feel eating those vs. eating clean is made abundantly clear.

– Coupled with exercise, you’ll now see that your body’s recovery rate after strenuous tasks isn’t nearly as long as it once was. You may begin to experience a “runner’s high” after some cardio session, which is an endorphin rush that’s far more powerful than indulging in sub-optimal foods. Your metabolism will start functioning like a freight train, too. To keep burning fat, you’ll want to make sure your body is getting adequate calories and nutrition so that your body doesn’t trick itself into thinking that it needs to store fat.

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