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How Eating Healthy Affects Your Body: Part 23.4.17


In our last post, we covered some of the immediate effects of what eating healthy does for you body after committing to a healthier lifestyle both one week and one month in. This time we’ll dive a bit further, examining what changes start to take place six months and one year into a dedicated program.


Six Months

– If you had high cholesterol levels before this all began you can expect to start seeing a noticeable dip in those this far along in the changes you’ve made, along with lower blood pressure (as well as a decreased chance of heart attack or stroke) and lowering your chance of diabetes (or making the effects much more manageable if you’re currently suffering from it).

– There’s no doubt you’ll both feel and look slimmer, as most estimations will have you dropping 10-30 pounds at this point. Even with that removed stress on your joints, your bones will become stronger at you’ll be less susceptible to stress fractures or breaks.


One Year 

– All the benefits we’ve discussed will continue or remain as long as you’ve stuck with the program. If this is the first time you’ve made a lifestyle change as serious as this, you’ll note that you’re likely happier than you’ve ever been.

– If you had trouble sleeping before only to find those problems subside after being one month or half a year into a new program, you just might notice that you require less sleep than ever before. Since your body’s getting all the nutrients it needs at the correct intervals, you’re less likely to tire as easily since your body is now running at optimal efficiency. Think of what you can accomplish with all that extra time!

– At this point, you’ll be tempted to resort to old habits knowing that you’ve finally achieved what you set out to do — but don’t give in! Falling into your old patterns is a slippery slope, so stay committed and remind yourself of how far you’ve come. For what it’s worth, those cravings and thoughts will be much easier to manage with your new mindset, and if you’re indulging and rewarding yourself periodically, binging and falling off the wagon will be the furthest thing from your mind at this point.


How You Should VERTS

If you’ve been doing your research (as you should) into cleaner eating, you’ll know what’s a good idea and what might set your goals back a day or two if you over-consume. Chicken, as always, is a great lean meat that’s high in protein, making it easier for your body to digest and bounce back from any workouts. To go along with that, greens are always a good choice! The less you have to prep or cook them, the better, as these tend to lose their benefits after being cooked on any heat or with steam.

Protip: If you’re ever unsure of where a particular menu item stands, our handy dandy nutrition page is your new best friend!  With that, you can plug in your favorite order and see where it stacks up, adding or removing items as you go to meet your ideal caloric intake for the day.

If you’re in the midst of making a lifestyle change and have any questions, reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram & we’ll be happy to help!



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