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VERTS Attends Savor Dallas4.12.17


Last weekend we ventured to Dallas to present at Savor Dallas, a yearly food festival full of specially curated culinary showcases and tastings (or as they call themselves, “the ultimate epicurean extravaganza” – and we can’t disagree with that!). Our Events Chef Kate Schirm and her team were part of this year’s Grand Tasting, the weekend’s mouth-watering main event, with over 50 chefs and restaurants as well as culinary artisans, wine and spirits tastings, an outdoor grilling lounge, and live music. Truly any food-lover’s dream come true.

Our team handed out perfectly savory bites showcasing our fan-favorite VERTS eggplant dip (our take on a traditional babaganoush) topped with our slow-cooked pork and Hot Harissa, and garnished with pickled onions and za’atar. While VERTS friends and family are very familiar with za’atar, it’s not a commonplace ingredient to many, so we brought along our famous za’atar bar to educate our guests on exactly what they were enjoying.

And enjoy they definitely did. Chef Kate and the team whipped out over 1,200 tasting portions in just two hours and fifteen minutes!

Festival guests aren’t the only ones enjoying these weekends. Our VERTS culinary and events teams love the chance to get out in the community and mingle with guests one-on-one. It’s a win-win for everyone, as set-ups like the Grand Tasting create a personal connection between chef and guest. People stopping by our table were able to ask our team questions about our menus and restaurants, and our culinary team got to experience visitors’ reactions to their food first-hand.

Nobody says it better than Events Chef Kate herself. “It was exciting to expose new people to our food,” she explains. “At the same time, it was equally great to greet loyal guests happy to see us at the event.”

Keep your eyes on our blog and social media channels to find out when we’re hitting the road and where we’ll be popping up next! Hint: Austinites, Austin Food & Wine Fest is coming up in just a couple weeks…

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